17 Great Beers from Africa

Enjoying a ‘sundowner’ or two in Africa after a day of game viewing is a long standing tradition; and beer is often the drink of choice.

Mosi Beer at the Wildlife campsite in South Luangwa National Park

Beer and Cards at South Luangwa National Park

Tusker from Kenya and Castle from South Africa may be well known outside of their home territories, but for anyone who is headed to southern or eastern Africa on a safari, here is my list of top 17 beers to seek out at sundowner time. The only caveat I throw in here is that THB is not the best tasting beer. It deserves to be in the middle of this list, but it is my sentimental favourite, thus gets special treatment. (I’d love to get my hands on some more if anyone knows where to find it in Canada or the US!)

If trying 17 different beers while you’re on safari is a bit too ambitious, stick to the top nine, as they’re a great mix of styles of tastes. Anything below Kuche Kuche was satisfying and thirst-quenching, but after months of ‘research’ on my travels around Africa I can say you won’t be missing out on much if you skip over them.

  1. THB or Three Horses Beer pilsener, from Madagascar
  2. Laurentina Preta, a dunkel from Mozambique
  3. Castle Milk Stout, from South Africa
  4. Hansa pilsener, from Namibia
  5. Mosi lager, from Zambia
  6. Carlsberg brown, a dark lager from Malawi
  7. Windhoek lager, from Namibia
  8. Ndovu lager, from Tanzania
  9. Kuche Kuche lager by Carlsberg, from Malawi
  10. Ice pilsner, from Tanzania
  11. Tusker lager, from Kenya
  12. Safari lager, from Tanzania
  13. Carlsberg lager, from Malawi
  14. Queen lager, from Madagascar
  15. Serengeti lager, from Tanzania
  16. Kilimanjaro lager, from Tanzania
  17. Castle lager, from South Africa

Happy drinking in Africa. Did I miss your favourite African beer? Let me know!

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