Welcome to…the LARGEST stone in the WORLD!

Sometimes you just have to use bold or CAPS letters to make something stand out. Certain things, no matter how eloquent a writer you are…require help.

When it comes to the world’s biggest, largest, oldest, ugliest lists, usually you can really on the natural curiosity of people to visit your attraction (or read your story in this case).

But when your attraction is…a stone, well how exciting can that be?

Actually, the giant stone of Lebanon was fairly impressive. Beforehand I did question the validity of said stone, as I’ve seen giant buddhas in Sri Lanka and the giant Moai on Easter Island. This was, maybe larger than those, but maybe not. Plus, this is just a blocky shaped stone, woo hoo. The one advantage it had overĀ otherĀ large stone-y things? You can climb on it!

So Lebanon has claim to the world’s largest stone. Is that enough to make you book a flight to Beirut and seek it out? Probably not. Luckily Lebanon does have many other worthwhile attractions. But, back to the stone.

A mighty stone it is. At well over 1000 tons in weight, it is a monster. The stone is sometimes called the ‘stone of the pregnant woman’ and was cut around 2000 years ago for use at a temple in Baalbeck, but it was never completed. Perhaps the workers realized they had no feasible way to carry or move this giant stone to the temple?

On its own, it is not much, but when you visit the nearby ancient ruins of Baalbeck, it helps bring the site to life and put things into perspective in terms of the dedication, effort and talent that went into building such an impressive . Many who’ve visited Roman ruins throughout Greece, Lebanon and surrounding countries hail Baalbeck as among the most impressive Roman ruins in the world, and with that, I have to agree. A pretty bold statement perhaps, but at least now you might be more inclined to also visit the largest stone in the world to find out for yourself.

Stone of the Pregnant Woman, Baalbeck, Lebanon

Stone of the Pregnant Woman - Baalbeck, Lebanon

Largest Stone in the World - Baalbeck, Lebanon

Largest Stone in the World - Baalbeck, Lebanon

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