95 Beers of Summer: Mill Street Tankhouse Ale

A little beer-series celebrating the 95 days of Canadian summer. Starting at 1:16pm EDT on June 21st (the official start of summer) and ending at 5:04am EDT on September 23rd (a minute before the official start of autumn). This series will highlight Canadian and American beers, enjoy your summer!

Beer 92: Tankhouse Ale from Mill Street Brewery, Toronto, Canada

95 Beers of Summer: Tankhouse Ale

Tankhouse Ale from Mill Street Brewpub in Toronto, Canada

It took 92 days, to the last week of summer before I profiled my go-to local beer.

Tankhouse is, in my opinion, the best regularly brewed beer from the Toronto area. It is a great pale ale, but has a ton of hops and a very unique aroma and taste profile.

Not the easiest drinking beer, as it has some weight to it, but the taste os always fantastic. It has a spicy hop smell to it, not a bitter hop smell. The taste is equally different, with an upfront malt profile, although it is somehwat subdued on sweetness.

The malts change to a lightly spicy and very savoury taste, before some hops kicks in at the end. You get a full flavoured ale that leaves a mellow bite of bitterness in the back of your throat. A great beer from start to finish and a must drink beer for summer, or any other season.

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