Travel Match Maps

**Now updated with Travel Match Map 4, only 8 Destinations Remain!**

The first-ever Travel Match happened on Twitter in early 2010. Almost every week since then there has been a competition to see which country was most desirable to travel addicts on Twitter.

Here we’ll show the progression of each round as the world slowly fades to grey and only one green country will be left. Any predictions as to which destination will be the final winner?

Be sure to follow the #TravelMatch hashtag on twitter and cast your votes!

Travel Match Map 1: Open to Everywhere!

The stage was set! In a countdown that will last nearly 2.5 years and include more than 110 matches, the #TravelMatch showdowns begin with Mozambique taking on Mongolia and Morocco in Match #1.  All matches are winner takes all, moving on to the next round. You lose once, you’re gone for good.

A Green World, Before the Matches Began

#TravelMatch Map 1: All Green, before the Competitions Began


Travel Match Map 2: After Round One

Every single country and many extra destinations squared off in a round of 72 Travel Matches. More than 240 destinations around the world were included in the competitions. A number of big travel destinations had surprising losses, while the small, remote islands proved they’re high on most people’s travel bucket lists.

72 Destinations Remain

#TravelMatch Map 2: The 72 Remaining Destinations


The 72 destinations remaining are: Albania, Antarctica, Argentina, Armenia, Barbuda, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Burma, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, China, Colombia, Cook Islands, Cuba, Curaçao, Denmark, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, French Polynesia, Gabon, Galapagos Islands, Greenland, Guyana, Hungary, India, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mauritius, Montenegro, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Samoa, Seychelles, Slovakia, Soloman Islands, South Georgia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Syria, Tasmania, Tonga, Tibet, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Zanzibar.


Travel Match Map 3: After Round Two

There are 24 matches in Round Two, with three destinations per match. When the dust settles these 24 winners will be one step closer to winning it all!

Matches for round two will be running until April 2012, so follow me on Twitter @redhunttravel and watch the #TravelMatch hashtag for updates.

Update: The Round Two matches are over, here are the finalists moving on to Round Three!

Winners from Travel Match Round Two

#TravelMatch Map 3: The 24 Destinations Moving on to Round Three


The 24 destinations moving on to round three are: Antarctica, Bhutan, Brazil, Cuba, Curaçao, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Gabon, Galapagos Islands, Hungary, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Montenegro, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Switzerland, Tibet, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Vanuatu.


Travel Match Map 4: After Round Three

From June – August 2012, the 8 Travel Match finalists were chosen on Twitter. The map is below!

Travel Match Map #4: After Round Three

The Eight Travel Match Quarter-Finalists have been chosen!


The 8 destinations moving on to round four and the quarter-finals are: Antarctica, Bhutan, Brazil, Cuba, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Galapagos Islands, Tibet.


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These maps are images taken from maps I created using the handy Where I’ve Been tool! You can create your own maps of places you’d like to visit, where you’ve been and where you’ve lived. You can even include cities too. Their maps can be linked up to your Facebook profile or embedded onto your website or blog.

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