Past Masters Double Stout

Past Masters Double Stout from Fullers, London, UK

Past Masters Stout

Past Masters Double Stout

This is a sensational beer that pours dark brown/black colour and creates a light chocolate colour head. What appears as a typical stout quickly becomes a superb one once you sample it.

Bursting with aroma, mostly chocolate and secondly roasted malts. It drinks smooth and fairly dry, especially at the finish.

Enough of a bitter bite to give it a kick without tasting burnt at the end, really nice! This is an easy stout to drink, a great ‘next-step’ type of beer for anyone who thinks Guinness is as good as stouts get.

Sweet 16 Stout Ranking: #7 / 16

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This beer is part of the Sweet 16 Stout Series, covering everything from dry stouts to milk, spiced and smoky stout beers.


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