Sinha Stout

Sinha Stout from Lion Brewery, Sri Lanka

Sinha Stout

Sinha Stout from Sri Lanka

A deep, dark, delicious beer!

Pouring creates a huge, dense caramel colour head, giving off a roasty, yet slightly sweet aroma. Very pleasant on the nose.

No burnt taste to this, instead a consistent roastyness that hides some subtle coffee notes.

This stout has a surprisingly light mouth feel and wet finish, making it easy to enjoy. A quirk of many Sri Lankan beers is that they’re 8.8% alcohol, perhaps a beer superstition?

Easily the best beer I had in Sri Lanka and consistently one of the best stouts I’ve ever had. It is a great thing we can get it here in Canada.

Sweet 16 Stout Ranking: #1 / 16

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Note: This beer is also known as Lion Stout.

This beer is part of the Sweet 16 Stout Series, covering everything from dry stouts to milk, spiced and smoky stout beers.


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