Victory Storm King

Storm King Imperial Stout from Victory Brewing Company, Pennsylvania

Storm King Stout

Storm King Stout by Victory Brewing

When it comes to value, this Storm King Stout may be the best imperial out there.

With an average amount of head, this beer smells fantastic. A few sniffs from the glass and you’re enjoying a mix of mocha and roasted toffee. Quite nice, with an almost burnt edge to the aroma.

Taste is similar, that burnt edge comes through again. Adding to the burnt malts flavour is a oak, anise, cocoa mix. Overall the bitterness wins out on this one, but it still maintains a decent balance.

Living on the edge of bitterness, without going over it, this was a great imperial stout.

Imperial 16 Stout Ranking: #5 / 16

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This beer is part of the Imperial 16 Stout Series, a follow up to the original Sweet 16 Stout Series.


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