Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Stout from Great Divide Brewing, Denver, Colorado

Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti

Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide Brewing

Aroma is sweet of vanilla, but also of oak and alcohol. A nice blend for an imperial stout.

It is dark and a bit syrup heavy on the pour, with a large, dark silky head.

What a great tasting beer. There is very little bitterness to this 9.5% strength beer compared to other versions of the Yeti. That allows the sweet chocolate and vanilla flavours to be enjoyed. You get them both, with the vanilla upfront in the mouth before changing to a more chocolate-intense flavour towards the end.

There is a bit of dryness at the end that cuts through the competing sweet flavours too, likely coming from small amount of cayenne dropped into the beer as well as the oak aging.

This is not a knock-you-on-your-ass type of imperial stout, it’s a well crafted, flavourful beer. Highly recommended.

Imperial 16 Stout Ranking: #3 / 16

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This beer is part of the Imperial 16 Stout Series, a follow up to the original Sweet 16 Stout Series.


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