Mephistopheles Stout

Mephistopheles Stout from Avery Brewing Company, Colorado

Mephistopheles Stout from Avery Brewing

Mephistopheles Stout from Avery Brewing in Colorado

There is a plum aroma to this extremely dark stout, which pours with almost no head.

This was the 2010 edition I had, weighing in at more than 15%. It is flat and still, but in addition to the plum aroma, there is a sweetness to it.

Meaning ‘destroyer of the good’ they claim this beer to be an apocalypse of wood, earth and fire, whatever that means.

The taste is definitely sweet upfront, a brown sugar sweetness, coming from the turbinado sugar used in the brewing process. But it quickly transforms into a monstrously complex beer. Roasted and bitter flavours come into play and there is a lot of extreme dark chocolate sweetness as well.

That bitter sweet battle plays out nicely, messing with your taste buds. It has a lingering, mostly dry finish.

Great beer, can’t wait to have it again.

Imperial 16 Stout Ranking: #1 / 16


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This beer is part of the Imperial 16 Stout Series, a follow up to the original Sweet 16 Stout Series.


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