Wildlife Photo: Waterbuck



Wildlife Photo: Waterbuck

A large antelope, the Waterbuck, taking a rest in the Serengeti


One of the larger antelopes of Africa, the Waterbuck is also very widely spread. They’re found in West, Central, East and Southern Africa, across much of the entirely of Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite this, I only managed to see a couple of them during my time in East Africa.

As with many antelopes they prefer dry grass and scrub lands (not water, as their name implies). From a distance they have a similar profile to many of the deer commonly seen at home in North America – except of course the males which grow two piercing, long horns.

This male Defassa Waterbuck was photographed in the Serengeti,  lying in the cool grass and taking a break from the afternoon heat.



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