475 Blanche De Pratto

475 Blanche De Pratto from Microbrasserie Pit-Caribou in Canada

Wicked Wheat Beer: Blanche de Pratto

Blanche de Pratto, a wheat beer from Pit-Caribou

This witbier from Quebec came up lame on many fronts, but somehow retained a refreshing taste.

No head on the beer, which had a dull aroma. This beer does not start out with much promise.

In the end, the beer was somewhat saved with hints of citrus and coriander as you may expect from this wheat beer style. Those efforts still fall short as they’re simply too subtle…there are better Pit Caribou beers to be had, so try this once and move on.



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The Wicked Wheat Beer Series is a collection of great wheat beers ranging from Belgian Witbier to Dunkelweiss to Hefeweizen and everything in between. If you’re a glutton for gluten, or wild for wheat beers, these are the refreshing beers for you.

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