Série Signature – Hopfenweisse

Série Signature – Hopfenweisse from Les Trois Mousquetaires in Canada

Wicked Wheat Beer: Hopfenweisse

Hopfenweisse, a fine German-style weisse beer from Quebec

A very tasty wheat beer!

This is a German-style hefeweizen that offers a bitter finish combined with a nice aroma of wheat and heavy hints of banana.

The banana is evident on taste too but it’s hidden by the bitter hops at the end and some other sweetness up front. Overall very nice transitional flavours in this brew, a pleasure to drink.

Quite nice for a summer beer, or to try any time of year. Too bad that it’s brewed in Quebec and not so easily available outside that province.


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The Wicked Wheat Beer Series is a collection of great wheat beers ranging from Belgian Witbier to Dunkelweiss to Hefeweizen and everything in between. If you’re a glutton for gluten, or wild for wheat beers, these are the refreshing beers for you.

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