Wildlife Photo: Bushbuck


Wildlife Photo: Bushbuck

A Bushbuck, or Imbabala, seen in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia


The Bushbuck is a small antelope species from Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite being so common, I only spotted a few of them during my travels through eastern Africa.

This Bushbuck was photographed in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia. Recent research indicates that the Bushbuck should be divided into two different species, meaning this Bushbuck would be an Imbabala. The other Bushbuck species, found further west and north in places like Senegal would be called the Kéwel. Even with that division naming specific Bushbuck subspecies is a bit of a headache. There are no less than 16 subspecies listed for Bushbucks, but no real consensus has been reached.

Confusion aside in terms of what exact species / subspecies this is, this Bushbuck is different than the commonly seen Impala and larger antelopes, as it has a unique colouration of spots and lines.

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