River Snorkelling in Bonito, Brazil

Have you ever gone snorkelling? How about snorkelling in perfectly clear river water?

Getting ready to River Snorkel!

Getting ready to River Snorkel in Bonito, Brazil


Down in Brazil there is a great little town called Bonito and on the outskirts of town are rivers that have colourful fish.

Being rivers, there is a constant flow of water happening, meaning that you simply put on your snorkel, fins and suit and float on down the river.

Snorkelling in Bonito

Colourful fish seen while Snorkelling in Bonito


It’s a great way to snorkel. First, the water is normally very clear. Second, the current takes you downstream at a leisurely pace, so you don’t even have to use your flippers. Third, the water is often only about waist deep, so no worries if you’re a poor swimmer.

Clear water snorkelling in a River

Super clear water, super fun…river snorkelling!


Don’t expect coral reef type colours and sea-life here, it isn’t known for diversity of creatures. But, what it is known for is the possibility of seeing some special creatures like Anacondas or Caiman (small alligator type animals) in the water!

Fish in the RIver

Here fishy, fishy, fishy…


I failed in spotting any Caiman on my river snorkel, so I had to settle for eating a Caiman steak for dinner instead. It was surprisingly good. Tasted mildly fishy and had a texture more like chicken. Imagine a chicken that ate a fish….that’s what it tasted like.

Lush forest surrounds the river

The clear river waters are surrounded by lush, green forest



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