Luxury Life in the Maldives – Sheraton Full Moon Resort

Sometimes it is nice to splurge isn’t it? The Maldives Islands is one place where splurging is far too easy.

Before heading off on a leisurely boat safari to experience the Local Life in the Maldives, I spent about 36 hours at one of the most accessible resorts on the islands, the Sheraton Full Moon Resort.

Boardwalk in Maldives

Boardwalk at the Sheraton Full Moon Resort in the Maldives


It’s only a 20-minute fast boat ride away from the airport island, but seems like a world away as soon as you step foot on the island. Simply luxury and sheer beauty greet you with everything being impeccably clean, bright and welcoming. The staff are attentive, the restaurants at the resort are all amazing and the beaches are perfect.

It’s not a cheap place though! Even if you’re not staying in one of the premium over-water bungalows, your rooms are huge, many coming with outdoor shower areas and views of those perfect beaches.

Beautiful beach

A perfect beach in the Maldives


I have stayed in some really nice hotels over the years and have been to resorts in the Caribbean, South Pacific and Africa. But, overall it’s this one place in the Maldives that gets my vote as the most luxurious place I’ve stayed.

I ate well, I slept well and I could have stayed much longer…if it was rich.

Night time at Sheraton Maldives

Night time at the Luxurious Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort


Those 36 hours at the resort cost me more than the week on the safari boat, but somehow the steak seemed juicier and beer seemed colder! It’s always a bit of a struggle when I travel to decide how to travel. I’ve found that mixing in a slice of luxury with a larger dose of adventure seems to be my favourite travel style.

Water Bungalow in Maldives

An Over Water Bungalow at the Sheraton in the Maldives


Swimming Pool

Who wants to go swimming?


Lush vegetation

Palm trees and flowers at Sheraton Maldives



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