Wildlife Photo: Espanola Lava Lizard


Female Lava Lizard

A Female Lava Lizard on Espanola Island in the Galapagos Islands


The Española Lava Lizard, or Hood Lava Lizard is one of nine species of lava lizards endemic to the Galapagos Islands. As it’s name suggests, it is specifically endemic to Espanola, or Hood, Island.

This particular lava lizard is a female lava lizard, as can be determined by the colouration of the face. While different lava lizards species have different colouration’s and their colours can change at times, the females often have a bright red colour under their necks.

Overall, male lava lizards are larger than the females. Both males and females will perform ‘push ups’ if they feel threatened by your presence, or to determine dominance over another lava lizard nearby.

The scientific name for this lava lizard is Microlophus delanonis and it was photographed at Punta Suarez on Espanola Island.


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