Underlig Jul

Underlig Jul from Nøgne Ø in Grimstad, Norway

Winter Beer - Underlig Jul

Underlig Jul from Norway, a spiced winter beer similar to glogg

Bam! Straight from the pour this beer leaves no doubt that it’s a spiced brew.

As the label says this is where beer meets glogg (the name for mulled/spiced wine in Scandinavia). Heavy ginger and cardamom combined with a dried fruit, raisiny aroma jump up at you.

This dark ale tastes more bitter than the aroma would suggest. It’s clove and cinnamon then followed by a chalky ginger finish. Lots of flavours going on here.

A different beer with a unique taste. I quite liked its mix of ingredients, although the finish did leave quite a long chalky after-taste. Aside from that, great stuff.


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