Wildlife Photo: Long-Tailed Macaque


Long Tailed Macaque

A Long Tailed Macaque showing teeth in Borneo


Looking a little fearsome, this Long-Tailed Macaque, also called a Crab-Eating Macaque, took a moment to call out in between his eating and grooming sessions.

These macaques were the monkeys most plentifully seen along the riverbanks and in the trees during a visit to the Kinabatangan River in Borneo. These macaques have 10 different subspecies and are the third most widespread primate on earth, found throughout much of Asia.

Being so plentiful, it’s not a sad surprise that they are also commonly used for medical experiments. The alternative crab-eating name is a bit of a misnomer  as they don’t favour eating crabs at all. They can eat crabs and other small animals, but tend to prefer to eat flowers, fruits, seeds and plants.

The long-tailed name version is much more appropriate as their tail is often longer than the entire rest of their body!

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