Wildlife Photo: Uinta Ground Squirrel


Uinta Ground Squirrel

A photo of a Uinta Ground Squirrel in Yellowstone National Park


I’m a fan of squirrels. They, like raccoons, have been able to adapt to so many different landscapes and environments.  These Uinta Ground Squirrels find their homes pretty much anywhere with open fields and grass lands. While this guy was photographed in Yellowstone National Park, they go as far south as Utah, but prefer the Rocky Mountain states.

This one was one of many scurrying around part of the park, as they tend to live in groups, or colonies. While I’m used to seeing tree squirrels skipping their hibernating plans and being around almost all year in Canada, these ground squirrels tend to only be active for about 4 months of the year. They aestivate in summer and hibernate in winter…guess they’re not fans of extreme temperatures!

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