TBEX Toronto Beer Quiz

Apparently a lot of TBEX participants coming in to Toronto are excited to try some local beers. I love it. I’ve been getting messages on Twitter and Untappd for beer recommendations and suggestions recently and thought a little quiz might be fun.

For most people who visit Toronto their limited experience of the local beer scene usually includes a visit to Steam Whistle and/or Mill Street breweries. While they both provide thirst-quenching tours and tastings, they don’t give you a balanced view of just how exciting the beer culture of Toronto is.

I know the TBEX and Travel Blogging crowds are keen to dig deeper and do more research than your average traveller, so, here is a little educational quiz to get you in-tune with the finest beers, bars and brews of Toronto!

Oh ya, and if you get a perfect score on the leader board below, I’ll buy you a beer at #TBEX Toronto!*

Tip: You can get the answers by checking the hints provided in the quiz, or by reading my Evolution of Breweries in Toronto article from last summer and my new, Continuing Evolution of Breweries in Toronto article.

Toronto Beer Quiz

Get ready for the Toronto Beer Quiz. A simple 12-pack of Toronto beer-related quiz questions. Think you can get them all right?


How did you stack up to other Toronto Beer Quiz participants? Check the leader board below!

*The first five people who get a perfect score qualify for a free beer…good luck!


Leaderboard: Toronto Beer Quiz

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