Wildlife Photo: Andean Gull


Andean Gull in Cotopaxi National Park

Andean Gull photographed at Limpiopungo Lagoon in Cotopaxi National Park


There really are a lot of different gull species out there aren’t there?

My days of just calling every gull I see a “sea gull” are long gone, but they’re still fairly boring looking birds to me, plus I’ve never forgiven that one that once pooped on my lip when I was a kid.

This one at least had some nice colouring, a distinct black head and white body, somewhat streamlined and elegant compared to the noisy squawkers back at home by Lake Ontario.

This Andean Gull photo was taken at Limpiopungo Lagoon in Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador. These gulls tend to stick to mountain lakes and rivers all along the Andes, from Chile in the south to Colombia in the north.

They’re not endangered at all, due to their widespread habitat.

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