Wildlife Photos: Cute Coyote Pup


Sleeping Coyote Pup

A Sleeping Coyote Pup in Quebec


One of North America’s common canids, the Coyote is considered a pest by some, as they can raid farms and attack pets.

Usually shy, some coyotes can be aggressive and have been blamed for attacks and even deaths on humans in the US and Canada. Many of these cases may have been coyote-wolf hybrids however. Most cases of coyote contact occur because of loss of habitat. New developments built on former fields and forests take away the home, and hunting areas, of the coyotes.

Cute Coyote Pup

Cute Coyote Pup waking up from his nap


Even so, coyotes are not listed as vulnerable or threatened species, as they have become adept at living in different habitats out of necessity. They commonly eat small mammals like mice and rabbit, but can kill larger animals such as deer and elk if hunting in packs. Not strictly meat eaters, they are omnivores that also eat a variety of vegetables and fruits.

This particular baby coyote (pup) was photographed in Quebec, as he was waking up from an afternoon nap.

Baby Coyote ready to Play

Coyote pup, full of energy and ready to play!


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