Houblon Frais by La Chouape

Houblon Frais by La Chouape

La Chouape - Houblon Frais

La Chouape – Houblon Frais a craft beer from Quebec

What we have here is a fresh hop ale that has been wet hopped. Or you can just class it as an IPA.

I don’t know about you but freshly harvested hops and wet hop ales are some of my favourites. But, in this case I’m left asking myself “where are the hops?”

This Quebec craft beer from La Chouape isn’t their best I’m afraid, although still pleasant. It pours dark with a sweet aroma of caramel and malt, not what I expected from the beer as advertised. A nutty, molasses taste makes me think of this more as a nut brown ale than anything. The hops are definitely hiding very well, if they’re even in here.

The beer is nice, and I find that La Chouape brews have a commonality across them flavour-wise, which makes them all decently drinkable. For what this beer is supposed to be I rate it poorly, but for a decent tasting craft beer, it gets above average marks.

Just don’t expect any hops.

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Showcasing a variety of beers from ‘La belle province’, this on-going Craft Beers of Quebec series includes everything from one-off specialty brews and brewpub-only offerings to regional favourites and popular beers from Quebec. In many cases, these beers are hard to find beyond the provincial border, so consider taking a craft beer trip to Quebec!

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