Imperial Stout by Micro-Brasserie L’Alchimiste

Imperial Stout by Micro-Brasserie L’Alchimiste

L'Alchimiste Imperial Stout

L’Alchimiste Imperial Stout, a Russian Imperial Stout by Micro-Brasserie L’Alchimiste


About and hour away from Montreal is Joliette, home to Microbrasserie L’Alchimiste. Another small city, with a central population of roughly 20,000, it happens to be home to some tasty beers.

This imperial stout is among those.

From a black hole of a pour, this thick oily brew oozes out with hints of cocoa and a wallop of plum and oaty roastyness.

As with many impy stouts, it drinks very dry, with a taste of coffee mixed with dried fruits. Fairly standard, but nicely done. Mmmm, plums!

This is an enjoyable beer, if you’re looking for an above average imperial stout. Nothing fancy, just classic flavours and aromas here.


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