List of Craft Breweries in Ecuador

Updated in September 2017! When I first published this list in 2014, I had 40 craft breweries listed in Ecuador. The list is now much longer! Added and updated all social media and website links. New additions also include a bottle shop and some great beer bars, now that bottled craft beer is a possibility in Ecuador.

I’ve been lucky to visit Ecuador many times and see how the craft beer craze is taking off the small South American country. microbreweries, home brewers, nanobreweries, call them whatever you want – small, craft beer producers, are now found everywhere.

I originally wrote an article on the subject for the September/October 2014 issue of TAPS the beer magazine, you can download a digital copy here. Things have changed quite a bit in Ecuador since then.

Craft Beer Bottles in Quito

A Selection of Craft Beer bottles from Ecuador


To add to that article, and my older post about Craft Beer in Ecuador taking on Pilsner and Club, here is a listing of all of the craft (artesanal) brewers in Ecuador. If you know of anyone who should be added to this list, let me know!

Craft beer, or cerveza artesanal, as it is called in Ecuador, now numbers well over 100 different breweries, msot of whom are listed below. This cerveza artesanal list is constantly changing and being updated. Pretty much all of them are on Facebook or Instagram, but not so many have their own functioning websites. Where possible, links have been provided below. Since these guys are all based in Ecuador, you may need to brush up on your Spanish to decipher the where/how to find some of these beers if you’re planning to visit this little country in South America.

1984 Beer in Quito

Abysmo Brewery and Brewpub in Quito

Adventure Brewing Company in Quito

Ale’s Art Brewery in Banos

Alkimia Beer in Tumbaco

AMARU Cerveza Artesanal in Quito

Amsel Bräu in Cumbaya

Andes Brewing Company in Quito

Angel’s Town Brewing in Quito

Animal Brewery in Quito

Antares Brewery & Restaurant in Cuenca

Antisana Beer Co in Quito

Arlequina Cerveza Artesanal in Quito

AYA Cerveza Artesanal in Quito

Bamboo Cerveza Artesenal in Quito

Bandido Brewing – Brewery in Quito

Bandido Brewing – Brewpub in Quito

Beer Factory Brewery in Cuenca

Cervecería Brobarnia in Valle de los Chillos

Cervecería La Cayetana in Aloasi

Cervecería Nórdica in Cuenca

Cervecería Quiteña in Quito

Cerveza Artesanal Becken in Cuenca

Cerveza Artesanal Cascade in Cuenca

Cerveza Artesanal Galápagos in Puerto Ayora

Cerveza Artesanal La Fortaleza in Otavalo

Cerveza Artesanal Liebesgott in Guayaquil

Cerveza Artesanal República in Guayaquil

Cerveza Bajamar in Guayaquil

Cerveza Ballesta in Sangolqui

Cerveza Bonanza in Portoviejo

Cerveza Caran in Caranqui

Cerveza Cuatro Rios in Cuenca

Cerveza El Conde in Chone

Cerveza Eureka in Quito

Cerveza Impala in Guayaquil

Cerveza La Morena in Cumbaya

Cerveza Montesca in Portoviejo

Cerveza MUt Lager in Cotogchoa

Cerveza Quilago in Quito
No known official links.

Cerveza Teufelsjager in Guayaquil

Cerveza Umiña in Manta

Cerveza WOLF in Quito

Cervezas Tormo in Cuenca

Cherusker Cerveceria in Quito

Cinco Cerros in Guayaquil

Compañía Cervecera Los Chillos in Valle de los Chillos

Cultura Andina Brewing Co in Quito

Curuchupa Cerveza Artesanal in Cuenca

Del Galpón Cerveza in Valle de los Chillos

Django Cerveza Artesanal in Quito

Doggerlander in Valle de los Chillos

El Camaleón Cervecería in Quito

Far Out Cerveceria Alemana in Cuenca

Frigga Brewing Co in Guayaquil

GLÜCK Cerveza Artesanal in Quito

Guayaquil Brewing Co in Guayaquil

Hermann Cerveza Artesanal in Valle de los Chillos

Holy Krank Hobo’s Brewery in Quito

Hopfen Cerveza in Guayaquil

Hoppingcat Microbrewing

Hops 22 Craft Beer in Guayaquil

Huitaca Cerveza Artesanal in Guayaquil

Ilse Möller Bier in Guayaquil

Indie Beer Company in Quito

Java Cerveza in Quito

Jodoco Belgian Brew / Cerveceria Derijcke in Cuenca

La Compañia Brewpub in Cuenca

La Compañia Brewpub in Quito

La Endémica Cerveza Artesana de Galápagos in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

La Oficina in Quito

Latitud Cero in Cuenca

Los 3 Monjes in Quito

Monkey’s Brew in Quito

Montalvina Cerveza in Ambato

Montañita Brewing Company in Montañita

Nativa Brewery in Ibarra

Odisea Brewing Company in Guayaquil

Pagano Beer Co in Quito

Paramo Brauhaus and Biergarten in Puembo

Parbirra Brewing Company in Guayaquil

Pileus Brewery in Tumbaco

Pissku Brewing in Ambato

Plan B Homebrew in Quito

Porteña Cerveza in Guayaquil

Quinde Brewery in Quito

Ragnarök Brewery in Quito

Sabai Beer in Cumbaya

Saint Roots Brewing Company in Quito

Salvatora Weißbier in Banos, Ambato and Quito

Santana Brewing Company near Mitad del Mundo

Santa Rosa Beer in Quito

Shaman Cerveza in Quito

Siete Cruces in Quito

SINNERS Brewery in Yaruqui

Sol del Venado in San Pedro de Vilcabamba

Stray Dog Brewpub in Baños

Tempel Cerveceria in Quito

The Road Cerveza Artesanal in Valle de los Chillos

Triana Brewery in Quito

Turtle’s Head Brewpub / Camino del SOL Brewery in Quito

Two Barrel Brewery in Sangolqui

Una Mas Ecuador in Quito

Valkyria Brewing Co in Quito

Wawqi Brewery in Quito

Zambo Creek Microcerveceria in Quito

Zarza Brewing Company in Loja

Is this list 100% complete? Of course not, but it is more extensive than any list you will find on sites like Untappd or Ratebeer. So send me any information you may have on places that are new for me to check out on my next visit to Ecuador!

Note that some of the breweries above may not have official visiting hours. Additionally, some of them such as Indie Beer Company are bars that commonly serve other Ecuadorian craft beer, but may also serve their own branded beers from time to time. If you are looking to maximize your beer drinking time in Quito, watch for my upcoming “Beer Day in Quito” post!

Best Beer Bars in Ecuador

Sometimes you don’t need to hit an actual brewery to try some of the best beers. There are some great beer bars in Ecuador, mostly around Quito. Here is my quick list of recommendations. In Quito, La Reserva, HOPS Craft Beer Pub, Ciudad Cerveza, Bandido del Paramo, Romero’s Burgers and Frida Tacos are my top places. In Guayaquil, check out República de la Cerveza and the (soon to be opened) El TapRoom. In Cuenca there is Lacraft Beer Garden as well. All these bars are easily found on Facebook.

Other Ecuador Beer Links

Buy bottles of local craft beer at Viva Cerveza who also happen to run the best Craft Beer Festival in Ecuador. If you’re wanting to do a craft beer tour in Quito, look up Land of Hoppiness. And if you want beer delivered to your house or hotel, there are a few ever-changing services out there but MotoBirra Beer Delivery may be worth contacting.

Ecuador Craft Breweries that have been removed from the list:

RIAR Brewing Company (now Shaman Cerveza), Roche’s Brewing in Canoa (closed in 2015), Ambacht Bier in Guayaquil (closed in 2014. Became Región Cerveza Artesanal, which closed in 2015), Santaana Cerveceria / Cerveza Artesanal in Cuenca (reported as closed), Andean Brewing Company in Cuenca (closed in 2015). Vendetta Cerveceria in Quito (out of business), Red Dragon Brewing in Quito (out of business), Reina Cerveza in Guayaquil (out of business), La Cuchara de San Marcos in Quito (good restaurant, but no longer makes beer), Cervecería Cerro Negro in Sangolqui (out of business), Barracuda Cerveza Artesanal in Guayaquil (out of business), Averno Brewery in Quito (now Abysmo).

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