Grizzly Beer

Grizzly Beer by Bellwoods Brewery, Toronto

The 55th beer review on the 90 Beers of Autumn List
Grizzly Beer by Bellwoods

Grizzly Beer by Bellwoods

Let’s enjoy a dark beer on this cool Autumn day. Grizzly Beer from Bellwoods is a deviation from many of their typical brews. No crazy barrel aging or brett, not a monstrous amount of hops. Just a nicely done brown ale.

But, with that said, this is a heavy hopped brown ale.

It pours dark, deep and thick with a lingering cream coloured head. Probably one of the smoothest, easiest drinking beers from Bellwoods, and definitely a fine one for colder months.

As easy as it is to drink this beer, the hops do sneak up on you. They finish this beer of with a bite, perhaps where the name of the beer comes from? A beer that is smooth, but a bit rough. Like a cute bear that can kill you.

As for the flavour profile, this beer hits you with a nice roasted nuts and toasty malts up front. It lures you in, then sneaks up with a hop punch. But it’s a nice hop punch that doesn’t offend. Overall a finely balanced brew, and one I happily drink more often once the summer heat is gone.

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This 90 Beers of Autumn series is a follow-up to the original 95 Beers of Summer series completed in 2011. It’s quite simple – drink 90 different beers, one for each day of the season. Autumn in Toronto, Canada begins at 4:22am on September 23rd, 2015 and ends at 11:48pm on December 21st, 2015. Since autumn in 2015 is five days shorter compared to summer in 2011, the challenge should be easier this time around. I will let you ponder why there is such a strange seasonal length disparity…

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