Southern Tier Live

Live by Southern Tier Brewing Company, New York

The 54th beer review on the 90 Beers of Autumn List
Southern Tier Live

Southern Tier Live, an APA

Pale ale time! After a bunch of big bottle brews, it’s nice to settle back into a simpler, enjoyable beer.

Southern Tier has been a brewery I’ve admired for many years. Rarely do they produce a beer that I don’t enjoy.

This is a very smooth beer, yet still amply hopped up. Even though the hops are more muted, I much prefer this over the 2xIPA, which I find a little rough.

Some citrus and grapefruit sweetness, just juicy enough to keep it smooth, but resiny hoppy enough to keep it bold. It’s a great beer to enjoy a few of – quite sessionable even at 5.5%.

To me, it is perhaps the most underrated beer from Southern Tier. Highly suggest anyone to give this beer a try.



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This 90 Beers of Autumn series is a follow-up to the original 95 Beers of Summer series completed in 2011. It’s quite simple – drink 90 different beers, one for each day of the season. Autumn in Toronto, Canada begins at 4:22am on September 23rd, 2015 and ends at 11:48pm on December 21st, 2015. Since autumn in 2015 is five days shorter compared to summer in 2011, the challenge should be easier this time around. I will let you ponder why there is such a strange seasonal length disparity…

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