Wildlife Photo: Red Fox in PEI

One of the most common predators founds across Canada is the Red Fox.

I’ve spotted them everywhere from¬†rural BC to the big city of Toronto. This fox though was a nice surprise in Prince Edward Island. I had just arrived at PEI National Park and was setting up camp when this fox appeared.

It was intently eyeing an area not too far away, so I was able to quietly get close enough for some good photos. Not long after this, the red fox began quickly walking towards a tree surrounded by shrubs, then pounced! Whatever prey it was hoping to catch, perhaps a mouse or chipmunk, escaped and the fox continued on.

One thing that amazed me about foxes is that they can have kit litters of us to 11 little foxes, wow! That seems a bit crazy. Normally they raise about five kits.

While Prince Edward Island wasn’t the most exciting place for wildlife beyond birds and small creatures, it definitely offered up some fun moments with nature such as this one.

Red Fox in PEI

Red Fox in PEI National Park




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