Wildlife Photo: Parson’s Chameleon in Madagascar


This is an old photo from way back when I used a film camera and wasn’t into photography as much as I am now. Taken in 2001, during a trip to Madagascar, this is a bit grainy but is the best photo I had of a Parson’s Chameleon.

As you can tell, this one has a bright coloured eye, which has given this potential subspecies an “orange eye” name. This is one of the largest chameleons in the world, although this one is medium sized.

While the lemurs may get the glory in Madagascar, the island is also home to around half of all the chameleon species in the world. I saw the giant Malagasy chameleon and many smaller cameleons when I visited, but most of my photos were pretty poor – worse than this one!

Definitely a place I intend to return to one day, as it is a true wildlife paradise.


Parson's Chameleon in Madagascar

An “Orange Eye” Parson’s Chameleon in Madagascar


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