About Red Hunt

Rano Kau Crater - Easter Island

Rano Kau Crater on Easter Island

I have been travelling on and off since 2001, after being hooked on travel by a spontaneous trip to Madagascar.

In September 2001, I did something that many others seem to do these days – quit a job and hop on a plane to explore the world. Since then I have been lucky to enjoy working for companies that enabled me to keep my passion for travel alive. Over the years, I have become an avid travel photographer and have written more than 600 travel articles and newsletters.

Why Do I Travel?

Partly out of curiosity. Partly because I’m addicted. Mostly because I know that wherever you go, you make new friends and meet interesting people. My travel preferences lean towards nature and wildlife destinations over cities and museums. I am drawn to explore lesser-known places, but realize certain places are famous and popular for good reason. Aside from an ever increasing passion for travel writing and travel photography, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with penguins and a need to try every type of beer I see in every country I visit.

Where Have I Travelled?

While Madagascar was my first exotic destination back in 2001, my first travels were around North America and the Caribbean. Since visiting Madagascar, I have travelled to around 50 countries on six continents (have not yet visited Australia). While always changing, some of my favourite places are Easter Island, Madagascar, Zambia, Bolivia, Greenland, Galapagos Islands, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and New Zealand. A few destinations that weren’t overly appealing during my first visits (but deserve a second chance) include South Korea and Costa Rica.

What Do I Do When Not Travelling?

For the past many years travel marketing and travel writing has been my calling. When the right opportunity arises I also occasionally work as a tour guide. When not writing my own articles, I’m consulting for and creating marketing campaigns, promotions and travel newsletters for a variety of clients in the travel and hospitality industries. I have worked with many amazing tour operators and travel companies to help spread knowledge of their sustainable business practices and adventure travel services; while they’ve helped keep my passion for travel alive. Prior to making travel my ‘work’, I was a journalist and before venturing into journalism I held strategic marketing and business analyst positions in the consulting engineering and management consulting industries.

Where to Next?

Catching up on writing articles and editing photographs from my past travels has kept me busy recently. I plan to enjoy more road trips in Ontario and around North America this year. My bucket list of most desirable destinations to visit currently includes the Faroe Islands, Mongolia, South Georgia, Uganda, Australia, Socotra Island in Yemen, the Great Bear Rainforest in BC, Torngatt Mountains National Park in Labrador and Hawaii.

About the Author

A former journalist and business analyst that now works in the world of travel marketing. Based in Toronto, Red Hunt has travelled to more than 40 countries over the past 10 years. You can follow Red on Twitter @redhunttravel.